LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

in ground gold asset funding

in ground gold asset funding

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    mining financing and in-ground asset funding programs - mining financing, mine financing, in-ground asset funding, in-ground asset financing program, in-ground slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

  • energy capital funding group llc - about ecf group

    we also now for a limited time offer in-ground gold mine assets for funding thru a private investor program guidelines provided on request . we also now offer loans and monetization on gems, artwork, nfl/nba contracts, certain bonds, and gold/silver. we have a buyer for gold as well.

  • in ground hard asset program with insurance wrap

    in ground hard asset program with insurance wrap/monetizing/trade we can put in trade your in-ground hard assets such as oil wells and gold mines. the owner of the hard asset will retain us to facilitate the insurance wrap financial guarantee from insurance providers such as prudential, , lloyds, etc. , then a monetization of the wrap, and the trading of the cash from the monetizing.

  • large project financing - western capital funding

    large project funding is a long term, ample type of financing of infrastructure and industrial projects consisting of various forms of loans during the phases of the project development. in this type of financing, the lender looks primarily to the revenues that will be generated by the specific project for both security and repayment of the loan.

  • in-ground and skr asset program - hindmarsh finance

    the program accepts some in-ground assets primarily precious metals and above-ground assets such as cut or uncut gemstones, historical bonds and notes, precious metal concentrates or bullion, and some other assets. the minimum value on the asset will vary, but must be at least $50m.

  • vinecrest investments llc structured finance

    asset monetization we are able to work with you to monetize specific types of commodity contracts, specific in-ground assets, or above-ground assets - such as gold, silver, copper, iron and other precious metal mines, oil and gas development operations, export, import manufacturing and certain economic development projects.

  • structured funding - rockwick capital

    corporate bond funding for clients with substantial assets that are available to be used as collateral, funding by the creation of corporate bonds can provide an attractive option. this works particularly well for clients with in ground assets i.e, gold, silver copper, iron ore, granite, oil and gas, which are valuable assets against which banks typically will not lend.

  • in-ground asset financing gold mine financing oil

    in-ground asset financing gold mine financing oil and gas, coal despite global economic woes and tightening or freezing of most private equity capital markets, financing for in-ground collateralized assets remains viable.

  • the real value of gold in the ground kitco news

    based on 253 gold deposits acquired from 1990-2013, cipher calculated a median benchmark value for an ounce of gold in the ground at about $40 and established that 80% of the ounces were valued at less than $90.

  • hard assets monetization and trade gold , precious

    petroleum, gold or other precious minerals,precious stones or mostly any other asset . the asset can be either refined, unrefined, rough cut, polished or any state that allows a financial value to

  • in-ground asset funding and loans

    we also do above-ground assets funding and in some cases we can arrange to have your above-ground assets purchased from you by our affiliate companies. asset based loans : asset based lending is the providing of a loan that is secured by an asset.

  • gold mine loans

    gold mines. some investors will require 10% proof of funds, while for others 1 2% liquidity to help with due diligence is acceptable. any and all funds contributed by the borrower will be reimbursed upon successful closing. no upfront broker or referral fees will be requested; brokers and referral agents are paid only upon successful funding.

  • here's how to value a junior miner's gold in the ground

    there are several different ways to value a junior miners gold in the ground: 1. given sufficient data, you can estimate a reasonable net present value npv for a project and deduce what each of the companys ounces should be worth.

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    mining financing, funding mining, mining finance, mining financing, oil and gas finance and in-ground asset funding programs - mining financing, mine fina slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

  • commodity financing program above and in-ground assets

    commodity financing program above and in-ground assets. the funding amount may be up to of the net present value. these projects are funded purely on the provable value of the assets, not the credit worthiness of the principals. precious gems and metals may be collateralized if they are stored in a bonded warehouse and are accompanied by proof of ownership and an appraisal.

  • in-ground asset funding

    in-ground assets are assets that a company or individual owns that are in the ground such as: oil and gas, coal, gold, silver, platinum, silica, kaolin, diamonds, copper, aluminum, nickel, liquid traded metals, and other minerals. many companies, even some enormously large multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies do not know there are

  • asset-based loans - commercial funding international

    asset-based loans including in-ground assets asset types: commercial real estate, equipment, assignable assets, stocks, bonds, sports contracts, precious metals, accounts receivable, cash, gems, fine arts, etc. in-ground assets / mined resource overview. we have lender/investor underwriting group sources that can provide funding up to 30% of the 'proven value' of the asset; $5m minimum

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    mining financing. in-ground asset financing up to in-ground assets and mining financing program available worldwide energy reserves, gold mines, pgm mines, oil and gas, coal, aluminum, copper, nickel, liquid traded metals.